Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Pining of a City Nymph

I wish I could be free,
That I was utterly free of care,
Of the rules and conventions that hold me captive.
I feel like the walls are closing in.
My life with phenomenal velocity is running out on me.
Like sand in an hourglass

Untamed eagle I crave your liberty
Soaring through the sky, your life without barrier
Cerulean clouds and smoky stars my silent allies
With abandon, unbound totally free

I wish I could love recklessly like I long to,
Without thought or dread
Of the retributions of the society that laid down tenets
Incomprehension and vindictiveness the rule of law
A threat to my very presence and the ties that cause my mind form
But fear holds me in

Wild horses I want to be like you.
Running through the wide expanse of open space
Clouds of rock and umber sand my only companion
With abandon, unbound totally free

I see the girl I dream to be
Laughing, running, free, Mother Nature the only control
The winds and air partners in the conspiracy
Running to that magical point
Where the blue silvery sky meets the golden hues of the water's edge
On a warm sultry night

Beautiful seals, I long for your freedom
Gliding, in and out, your might in charge of the waves
The foaming breakers my favorite cohorts
With abandon, unbound totally free

I can taste the freedom on my tongue
I reach out for it at the detriment of my existence
Yet it eludes me like a chimera.
I wish I could throw caution to the winds
With eternal freedom running, flying soaring with sheer heedlessness
Just free……………………

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Where is my blog lover

I have a blog lover...

I have been busy, my life in a clover...

but i'm not so swamped by fabrics or designs

that i dont notice that on blogville alone i dine....

where has my blog lover gone....

i miss his mysterious calls of days long gone...

his syrupy voice and cynical cackling....

when i refuse to do his bidding....

blog lover come out of hiding

Tyger misses your yakking....

back to feeling fabric! - i feel like a pervert!

Of Fabrics and Surface Design

Okay, so i'm trying to get ready a collection for the spring/summer 2010 season - yes the fashion season is one year ahead (you get a season's collection ready a year before the season).

So I am checking out fabrics - some days i wake up and think - 100% silk georgette 12m/m thick would work, and then some days i shift to 100% silk satin - its so shiny and attractive and luxurious; but today i woke up thinking - maybe i should use 100% silk habutai - 8m/m thick, or maybe 11m/m thick.... stomped.

Some of my designs for the collection are centred round lace - so i have been touching and caressing and feeling lace up... nylon lace, silk lace, cotton lace, beaded lace, crinkled lace! cant make up my mind either - one thing is i think i'll avoid nylon lace - cotton or silk would be better - almost twice as expensive though.. i found this beautiful black lace - my agent found it for me... but it wont take dye - so its in just two colours... on the other hand, there is this other lace that will take dye but is just not as gorgeous.. on the other hand, there is one lace that is totally pretty with little black beads at the centre of each flower but its nylon!... stomped again....

i found a penny pleated silk at the Berwick silk shop, its totally strange but pretty - imagine the underside of an octopus - with all those eggs attached? that's exactly how it looks - silk with raised penny sized bits! ugly in a pretty way... i want to make gowns out of it... but we cant find it in bulk! and the Berwick guys totally wont tell!

This fabric business is driving me crazy... totally crazy!

and i am ranting!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Fashionista - thinking out loud

A friend gave me a beautiful blue and black java wax fabric.... she wants me to make her a mono-strap gown with a waist band (one of my designs) for her "intro".

I was surprised when she chose that design from the bulk of designs i had to show her... although its pretty, its also rather simple and most people if they get the opportunity to look through original designs will pick the most complicated thing they see there! .... truth be told, i was relieved cos it meant just a few hours work....

I spent half of today making that gown.... when she gets it (cos i have to post it to her)... i will ask her to take a picture in it so i can show my blog family.

Preparations for the London Fashion Week as started again and I would love to show my designs there... but the cost! is out of this world... nevertheless i have registered to be considered for a very small stall... :-).. pray along guys!

I dont think i will ever pay for photography work

There are so many new and upcoming photographers out there looking to build portfolios that they are willing to work for free in exchange for having your pictures in their portfolio! so if you are having a party - the kind that needs a professional photographer job - visit ""

Anyway, enough said.

There is this agency in London - London Development Agency that provides help to start up businesses. I called to book an appointment to see them some weeks ago and I was booked to see the " supposed" guru of fashion.

So i got to see this rather effeminate guy in the hope that he would tell me something i dont already know....

He did tell me a few things but... I must say i have never seen a more patronising and belligerent fellow... although he was smiling; he spewed so much negativity... at first i said to myself - calm down, listen and learn... he might have a point... but after two weeks of dealing with his constant negative opinions and his "i-dont-think-you'll-make-it-you-are-black-african-and-too-young" I told him off!

Somebody needs to let that guy know that "Nigerians no dey carry last, worst case na draw! pshew.... leave me and my gowns alone!

If you want to know what's going in the fashion world.... who's doing what, who's going bankrupt and who's making money, the new designers in town and what's hot (and not in the high street, glamour magazine sense)in the haute couture, designer world sense - visit "drapersonline" that's the designers newspaper and bible....

Thats about it for today....

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tyger the Fashionista

I have been gone for about two months now.... abandoned blogging like it was a torn blouse and stuck to starting my fashion business like a new lover.

I have agonised over whether i should blog about it or not.

Over whether i will make sense to those who are not in the fashion industry and whether i wont end up doing other people's home works for them - i hate doing that.

I have decided to blog about the travails of starting a fashion business in the UK.

Dear Blog family,

You will all endure my whinings when i feel down... you will celebrate my successes when they come, you will offer advice when i ask, criticism when its requested and even when its not.

I'll be right back with my first post from behind the curtain of fashion designing