Monday, 17 September 2007

My 21 words in a sentence

Now i'm putting the 21 words from my last post in a sentence

Hiya - Hiya there, how you doing?

Ijebz - my hypertech nigga... the best thing in a long time... this dude i'm trying to

love - this mean guy has cornered me again, beating the shit outta me!

Kosoro fun e - he says this all the time

Ibadan - someone here can disown me o (but oloun maje!)

Health - that thing we refuse to improve in this country!

British Council - the office of our colonial masters who refuse to go home

Economics - the one course i think i would have walked through in college (liar!)

Policy i no know why i dey think this one...

Mumsy - ah! mami o....

money - heaps of this might help

Dupe - if dreams were horses...

School - i wanna go back here

Sex - ha! chocolate sugar pudding pie! - much ado about little

Gbagada - home!

Maryland - eldorado

Apami da ese mi da - the linking of two souls through the conjoining of arms and legs (i dey speak grammar o)

London - another lagos... hustle bustle... central london.... houghton street

Shopping - i'm a shopaholic now!

Office - one place i never miss

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

21 words in my Head

21 words that dance around in my head... they wont leave me alone or go away




Kosoro fun e



British Council










Apami da ese mi da




Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Wind that blew back

The Wind
Like a wind through blogsville, you travel without strife
A whiff of you, a fragrant awareness of your presence
We were just able to feel the heady essence of you
Iska – the wind
Your journey was like the winds’ a sojourner without need
A faint fragrance of you, the knowledge that you passed
Is all that strikes my mind
Iji - the wind
Your posts proceeds as wind, stranger frail as reed
Blowing across blogsville, in vain we implored you to stay
Our hearts called out to you….
And bang! You blow back our way
Iska, Iji…

Thanks for coming back