Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wedding Planning 1

Hello Blogsville,

About my wedding and this wedding planning business...

Firstly i am not using a wedding planner... most people plan their wedding... think its gone well and next thing they put up sign board - wedding planner! aint dissing the profession though... there are good ones out there who actually save you money... but for my wedding i wont bother with one! i am not a project manager for nothing.

okay so i need vendors for everything (caterer, decorations, make up, nails, hair)... the works...i have been getting some outrageous prices that were trying to drive me up the wall...(last post) and i sat and thought about it... if it was an office issue/event, what would i do? i would compare many recommended vendors!

so i sent a mail to all my recently married friends who's weddings looked good for one reason or the other... and also hollaed out on blogsville here in my last post... and my world of awesome girlfriends responded en-mass; frankly they blew my mind.... long list of all their vendors, prices and how they turned out... and if the vendor didnt perform well, they said so...

thanks girls - you all rock! the world would be incomplete without girlfriends!

so now i have a list of vendors (atleast 3) in each category..... to compare... i will be calling these vendors one by one.... will let you know how it goes...

my sister, a girlfriend and a mate have agreed to work on chasing, supervising and ensuring delivery from vendors ...i'm getting there...

So now i have been looking at gowns.... lots of it..... yes i'm gown hunting already... In as much as i would like to wear my own design... i am frightened of the stress that might come with producing such a thing... as i am hell bent on avoiding any skin breakouts, biko i will buy a gown!

i think i should go to the US.... perhaps for the thanksgiving sales (awoof dey run belle)... and get a gown... but i saw this website and fell in love with some gowns on it....

if you go to that wedding website, let me know what you think...

okay i'm off now... more wedding tory later...

Monday, 17 August 2009

this last week.....

One of my two jobs is working as a “Recruitment and Training Manager” for corporate volunteers and such and one thing this job has done is brought a lot of interesting people my way.

Last month, I interviewed a runway model, a paratrooper and a scuba diver…. Of course I get the mundane doctor, banker, accountant, policy/government office worker…. You know… but I do get the interesting ones at times….

However this last week… I got ONLY the annoying ones….
The one who could barely read and write but insisted on filling out a 5 page form on her own; and she started filling the form at 4.45pm in my office! I frigging want to go home, what is wrong with this illiterate?

The one who wanted to work with “asylum seekers, refugees, poor families and victims of domestic violence” but would prefer those who didn’t live in dodgy neighbourhoods, spoke good English, and were interested in eating out, and sitting in the park to discuss the state of the world – hello? Can I slap you please?

The one who is Nigerian… from the Rivers… spoke awful English and then claimed to be a graduate of English from the University of Ibadan… until I said really? And then she said actually the “port Harcourt school of education” affliated to the University of Ibadan… pshew! Ode! (meaning dumbass) she also proceeded to fill a form three times cos she kept spelling her name wrong and getting her date of birth wrong! Oh common! You are fake through and through!

Annoying yet amusing stuff!

Hey guys… I’m out searching for wedding vendors … either I get affordable ones or else I’m going to start working on an elopement plan!

Why would a photographer want me to pay N1million naira for wedding photographs? – am I asking you to re-create me?

Why would a decorator want N1.1million for decorating two halls – am I asking you to build a permanent structure? Pshew

Blogsville, holla back and prevent Tyger from putting into work an elopement plan oh

Oya Moji, Aloted, oluwadee, y’all know your selves married girls! I’m waiting…..

Loving y’all

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Let him without sin cast the first stone... on this stupid pair!

Yesterday I was on my laptop, playing online scrabble with Kokubaboni (that’s my fiancĂ© y’all… and that’s what we’ll be calling him here on) and I noticed that suddenly he seemed distracted and was starting to lose. While I was still enjoying the results of his distraction, he called and said “there’s something you need to see, this is totally crazy, I’m forwarding a mail to you now, go take a look, however if you become distracted and lose a turn don’t blame me”

So I ran off to my mail box and opened the mail he sent and saw the worst pictures I’ve ever seen. I’m sure a few peeps on blogsville I’ve already gotten this mail.
Some fellow and girl who work in the same organisation, who are both married to other people, were having an extramarital affair, went off on a vacation together and took pictures of themselves….naked and doing the stuff lovers do! And someone got a hold of these pictures and published them… online!

I gaped at the pictures and a few things immediately registered in my mind – she is pretty, they are stupid, they are ruined… she is ruined… and this is mean! … somewhat in that order.

The public shame and embarrassment and trouble they have brought on themselves far exceeds what they would have got if they had simply left or divorced their “boring” partners instead of trying to be smart and eating their cakes and having it… but that’s story for another day.

Publishing those pictures was punishing them; meaning whoever published the pictures thought either or both of them deserving of punishment … and saw a perfect way of meting it out... or perhaps it was merely an opportunity to get back at someone or two people who have somehow wronged him or her or them...

whoever did this has punished not two immoral people but in frankness punished two immoral people, their innocent or not so innocent but atleast unknowing partners; their children if they have any, their loved ones…

You might be thinking – they should have thought of that before cheating! i would say they should have thought of that before cheating and taking FRIGGING PICTURES!

i dont totally blame the wicked mofo that published the pictures ( you are the king/queen of wickedville) but i totally blame the stupid pair who decided to take pictures of their own adultery... of their act of indiscipline, selfishness and cowardice - (if you are tired of your marriage gerrout of it or shut up and buckle down to working at it)

Who takes these kind of pictures in this day and age? Haven’t you heard of the “Paris Hilton case?” that pictures and videos always find their way out?
Who keeps a vivid record of their cheating arse while cheating?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not justifying their behaviour, excusing it or nothing.
What they did, was and is totally wrong from all angles... but this particular pair are not just wrong... they are stupid and selfish along with it...

you know the saying - you dont get punished for committing a crime, you get punished for getting caught!


Sunday, 2 August 2009


"For He has caused the lines to fall upon me in pleasant places" Yes! Tyger is engaged! totally so! on Friday 31st July at the Spice Inn restaurant, he asked me on bended knees to marry him!

I peered at the box he was holding, uncomprehendingly, thinking to myself, that is not a camera! he was supposed to bring out the camera and why is that waiter taking my picture! and then it dawned.... my kokubaboni wants to marry me! ....i stared at him as he said urgently "please answer me, please marry me baby" .... i held his hand and stared back at his earnest face - yes... of course yes i will marry you! then i started giggling happily....

so here i am wearing a sparkler! and twisting and turning it every other minute.

Its a solitaire square diamond, set in a gold band.... i shall take a picture of my hand and upload it shortly.....

I have always thought to myself that one day i'm going to tell my blog family that i'm engaged! and i wondered how that would feel... and I can tell you now that I am so happy guys! i am endlessly tickled.... delighted... over the moon.... overjoyed! ... i feel like an accomplished cellist, violinist....a sky diver, a succesful car race driver.... a mountain climber atop the mount everest... okay i know you are wondering how that ties in.... lol....i feel accomplished! lol.... cos i've gone and done it now and it feels awesome!

i'm just happy!

the count down starts now! we are toying with next year may or july! ... like oluwadee, i might be doing a lot of wedding gisting here! lets see how it goes.....