Saturday, 24 January 2009


I am in a not so wonderful state of mind right now.... which i guess is why i havent been bothered to blog....

However, I have decided to be thankful by doing a thankful post.... i'm hoping that will elevate my frame of mind .... come with me

I am thankful

1. For the gift of life, for good health, peace, joy, hope and the grace to know God and his saving grace.

2. For my mother - she underwent an operation "which i wasnt told about till it was done" and it was successful - I am so grateful to God.

3.For my brother who was in Jos during the Jos killing crisis and came home unscathed... and fine

4. For the gift of friends - who have stood by me in the last 6 months, holding me up... loving me.. listening... encouraging.... providing....

4. For the inspiration to turn out my sketches for my 2009 collection and to work on finalising them

5. For the many job interviews I have done in this credit crunch time, I know one of them will come through

thats all I can think of for now.... things are kinda tough around here

See you guys!