Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Pros and pros

I was talking to a friend a few days ago... and she said "why are you single?"

and i thought "is that a rhetorical question or does she really want an answer?"

but before i could coin an appropriate response she said "you should hurry and just do it, just do it... you are just being choosy and you need to stop being so choosy... being single is so wrong!"

"whoa whoa whoa! hold it there" i said, "where is all that coming from? being single is not wrong dear, infact i think it can be quite awesome and has got its many benefits!" she shrugged and said " i dont know of any!"
the conversation ended shortly after that...

but on and off, I have been thinking about the benefits of being single... the "pros and pros" and now i have decided to write a few here...share with y'all... now i'm not saying there are no cons to being single, but today i am focusing on the "pros"
and i have numbered everything "1" cos its all about being single.

Here goes

1. you can have more than one man fussing around you

1. and you can do breakfast, dinner or lunch with any man that catches your fancy

1. you can be the "girl" in so many people's lives! including your dad! (and not in a dating sense!)

1. the money you earn is all yours!

1. you dont need to justify how you spend it or what you buy

1. there are no in-laws to manage

1. you have the bed to yourself

1. and have someone in it, only when you want for as short as you want...lol

1. you are not accountable to anyone else but yourself - you can up and go wherever you like whenever you like (and i have done that a few times)

1. your time is yours, not under some "new management"

1. you can work late and not feel guilty or have to apologize or negotiate

1. yes your life is not a constant dialogging or negotiation

1. you can be as selfish as a cat

1. you cook or buy food only cos you are hungry... there is no other mouth to consider

1.your life is exactly that - yours!

feel free to contribute to this list

remember the numbering is "1"

Friday, 21 November 2008


I was watching the National Geographic Channel, I do a lot... cos I love animals madly.... everything on all fours... except reptiles oh...

Anyway, I was watching the Nat. Geo and it was a program about Tigers and their hunting habits (yeah tigers..lol) and something struck me strongly

In the world of nature, survival is 100% dependent on results.

A hungry tiger in the wild doesnt get food by chasing its prey from 8am to 5pm.
If he makes a kill, he eats,
If he doesnt, he starves
If he's a good hunter, he prospers
if he's a poor hunter, he's history.

There are no time clocks, no sick leaves, no paid vacations, no points or promotions for trying hard and no kissing arse...
Mother nature is an unforgiving no-nonsense 100% result oriented bitch of a boss... aint cutting anybody any slack and excuses dont gel...

I bet you are saying - warrever! we are people not animals and that's in the jungle not here ...
but you see it applies to us

Like the tiger in the jungle, the achiever, the fortune 500 fella has no choice but to be result-oriented....
Putting in long hours means nothing
Being well organised means nothing
Knowing the right people means nothing
following a daily regimen means nothing
and being efficient means nothing

WITHOUT (before you guys bite my head off)

You either close the sale or you don't!
if you deal with customers, they either come back or they dont
you either achieve the set objective, or you don't


Friday, 7 November 2008

The Audacity of Hope...

So Obama won the election, I stayed up that night till 2.30am watching and waiting.... then the Ohio votes came in and I knew that Obama had won... and done it real good... i went to bed....

Next morning... there was so much excitement, so much noise, so much jubilation, funny text messages selling Obama Aso-ebi and various facebook profile messages....
and some of the profile messages i noticed were "the audacity of hope", "yes we can" "now i know all things are possible" "now i know i can achieve anything i dream" "the doors have been thrown wide open" bla bla bla and more bla....

"Fascinating!" i said to myself, "so now you know all things are possible abi? now you know you can achieve all things right? oh really?"

I opened my facebook and on my profile i wrote the following words
"if Obama can do the Black house, then i can do the palace, buckingham here i come"

That statement might sound funny to you, or preposterous like it sounded to many, cos in the short space of 5 hours i received such replies like "in your dreams" "get real" "Britain is not America oh" these comments were coming from the same people who said "all things are possible"

This same people were now saying "all things are possible but not something crazy like that..." Their responses proof of the barriers in their minds, the existing structures that keep us from going after those dreams...

As long as those structures exist, we will say a million times "all thing are possible" and then continue to be mediocre!

I am convinced that Obama's dreams were greeted with a similar response 10 years ago by many people who heard it then... but suddenly they dont look crazy anymore...

Now we are all screaming "Obama has opened new doors and showed us all things are possible!" really?

Dont get me wrong...I laud Obama with all my heart, however Obama did not fling any door open... he merely chose to see a open door where others see a wall...

The first black secretary general of the UN, the first woman in space...etc... saw doors... Obama and others like him are those who have chosen to break down the structures in their minds... to see open doors where to others there are walls... and the Obamas of this world will continue to walk through to success, fame and fulfilled dreams while the rest who see walls or locked doors will continue to stand outside, waiting for the Obamas to come and fling open doors that are already open... if only their chose to see and believe.

what am i saying?

while we rejoice with Obama and America, either as black people or as people who see a dream being lived, we shouldnt just scream "the audacity of hope" "yes we can" "all things are possible" let us scream it, believe it, dream it, live it... and make our dreams reality