Sunday, 27 July 2008

Older woman, younger man part 3

If I can just do a quick review of this document, I’ll be through for the day, I thought to myself flicking through the 50 page report I had just printed. I mean today is Friday for jeez’s sake…
I’ll start at the Bar L’Africana in the old town… and see how it goes from there, I continued absentmindedly turning the pages, trying to force my mind to focus on what I was trying to review.
An almost non-existent rap on my door jerked me back from the document I was starting to circle and underline in red pen.
“Come in”, I replied, not looking up.
“Hi” he said coming in slowly, hesitantly. “You said I could drop by…”
“Eh, yes,” perhaps I will be drinking more than beers and vodkas this evening, I thought.
“How you doing?” I asked, not offering him a seat
“Yeah… I just realized that the stata program is per user, so the CD is of no use to you really” I said getting up from my seat, “but this laptop here, is an extra… I smiled indicating the laptop on my side table, “I don’t use it… rarely do… and you can borrow it whenever!” I finished smiling triumphantly.
“Oh really? That’s cool”
“As for the documents, they are up there, let me get them….” The documents were stacked precariously on an upper shelf, I tried to reach for them…inching up against the shelf,
“Let me get them”he said… coming close… I stepped back and bumped into him..
I smiled
He reached for the shelf and I squeezed past him seemingly to get a folder at a much lower level… grazing his back with my breasts…quickly… but deliberately.. I felt his back stiffen sharply… I moved away…
“Thanks” I smiled collecting the folders.
“You know you will really have a great time if you spend time going through this one thoroughly…” I said stamping on a bulky blue folder and staring at him intently, my eyes saying something else entirely.
I saw the red climb from the collar of his shirt up to his hairline.
“Ok” He smiled sheepishly and continued to stare at me 2 buttons below neck level.
“It’s pretty quiet around here after 5” he smiled moving closer just a tiny step… not too close… but enough to invade my space.
“Ahah! You are totally game!” I crowed in my head.
“That’s cos everybody has gone home… and today is Friday… most folks can’t wait to get outta the door” I moved closer too… a slightly bigger step than his… but definitely significant enough.
I kissed him… claiming his lips for a brief moment… broke it…I reached for his mouth again deepening the kiss and broke it again… now he came back… his left hand in the small of my back, he pulled me into him… I am 5ft 11, and he is still taller… much so.
His mouth explored mine… wet and cool and soft at the same time… he grazed my lower lips sucking on them, back to my upper lip… then both…sucking them at once... his tongue in my mouth...seeking and teasing... hell of a kisser…
We go at this for a minute… then I feel the cool breeze from the window on my skin, and he lowers his head…gently biting me through the gossamer lace of Victoria’s secrets that was struggling to hold me in…my back is pressed into my book shelf, I don’t care right now.
He raised his head for a second, reaching behind me to release the hooks, 1,2,3 and I burst free… in all my glory… shaking slightly… nipples darkened with desire…
“Hmm”, he moans…lowering his head again… he licked and sucked urgently… his tongue flickering back and forth… going from one to the other… while his right hand roams down my skirt to push it up… to my waist.
He finds my thighs and caresses them softly… upwards till he finds the wetness dripping through lace…his finger curved in a ‘Q’ he stroked me back and forth… the feeling was intense... exquisite delight… my mouth went dry… I looked at his face… all red… and his blue eyes slightly glazed and many shades darker…
Gently, he stirred me to my desk… I smile at him with my eyes… and mouth… and lying on my desk assumed Mahmood’s favorite position… Mahmood would visit me at work… just to do this.
He pushed the reports and papers out of the way pushing some of the them to the ground… and drops to his knee…pushing my legs as far apart as my skirt would allow; a tramp who hasn’t seen food in a week couldn’t be more enthusiastic… I tried to stifle my moans…
Twice I felt the volcanoes erupting in all their brilliance…spreading their warm inside me, through me… before he raised his head smiling at me… some arrogance in his face now…
“You good?”
“Like honey baby” I replied smiling impishly and jumping off the desk…
I turned around, dropped my skirt and my very rumpled thong and laid face down to the waist on the table…
“Hit me baby” I drawled… bar L’Africana, cidars and vodka can definitely wait a few hours….

Friday, 18 July 2008

Older woman, younger man part 2

If you are getting confused... the previous post starts part 1
"Hello, I'm Fatima" one of the girls, the dark one... cant guess her nationality

"Jack… " definitely British... up north maybe

"Lillian…" the other girl... American

"Can I seat with you guys?"

"Yeah sure…"
"Yeah… "
They chorused… brief smiles…faltering…

I can almost read their minds… "Why is she sitting with us…. We are new, trainees… she is what? An executive? principal advisor?..."

"So how are you guys finding it here, settling in well?"

He shrugged

I smiled… cat got his tongue now…

"calm down" I say with my eyes, "this is only conversation"

"Its okay"… Lillian smiled charmingly, but with steel in her eyes.

Ah ah! Know thy enemy… you hey?... I smiled back at her and said "Don’t worry it only gets better…"

"So what are you guys working on exactly… same projects?" I asked intentionally turning to Fatima.

"Well I'm working with Phillip on the cost effectiveness analysis of some drugs for a pharma in London" she replied.

"Phillip Donja in Health Economics?"

"Yeah and it's really fascinating and all"

I let her drone on for a minute.
"And you guys?"

"Doing a costing evaluation for the NHS" he said.

"Drugs or treatments?"

"Treatments, cancer"

"You too?" I turned to Lilian

"I'm working with Anita on the cost effectiveness of introducing some drugs in Africa"

"Ah! The Americans and their plan to save the whole world" I smirked … Anita… unfortunately…is also the office queen bee and bitch rolled into one.

"Well actually…

I cut her short… "that reminds me…. I do have a load of stuff that might help you with your costing evaluation and you are going to need a STATA software, do you have that?" I asked Jack.

"No, I don’t" he shook his head

"Okay drop by my office, later today or something"

"Okay guys, gotta rush now…" I got up briskly and dropped my coffee cup in the trash in one fluid motion…. "Of course, if you guys need anything, you wanna talk, you need answers to something… or more work" I added drily, I'm in room 4114" I paused then added "anytime" and strode off.

"I don’t like her" I heard Lillian whisper, her American accent giv├«ng her away without my having to look.

'Tut tut I can hear you'… I smile to myself 'and you don’t count!'

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Older woman, younger man

There is a saying that in the perfect world, the older women would be with the young men and the young girls with the old men. Why is this? Perhaps because the older woman and the young men are at the same phase in life, likewise the young girl and the older men.

The older woman finally comfortable in her sexuality... every act her pleasure in mind... no longer all about him and the younger man voraciously exploring his... both of them unwilling to complicate issues... at that point...

The younger woman a dreamer... wanting much more than the sex and the older man... knowing there is much more than the sex and willing to îndulge the younger woman...

Why am i rambling on about this, because i am the older woman, sitting in the office lounge and 45 degrees to the north of me... he is sitting there... laughing... cute like a button... sexy as red...body to die for... 22 years old... at most 25...

I have caught his eyes twice... and the second time he wasnt so quick to look away... this one is mine! i gloat in my head, at the two girls he is having coffee with... both oblivious of our silent conversation...

Looking at him i remember Mahmood... insatiable, exciting, 22 year old Mahmood...that lasted 6 months... 6 months of heart pumping, in-every-dangerous corner...grab-the-table-the-ride is on... sex...

Regretfully, it had to end... he was starting to get clingy, asking why, where, when and who... had to let him go... he was forgetting... not to complicate issues...

I got up and strode across the room... time to make my move...

"Hi, I'm Anasenwa...."