Sunday, 28 June 2009

and so.....

And so it was meant to be a duet in church today, but it turned out to be two solos...infact the first singer didnt even look at the other... it was as if she didnt know the other person was there! ... it was awful... we endured it though.... what else was there to do?

and so i started my new Job - Manager, Volunteer Recruitment and Training. I'm supposed to be settling in, but in the first two days, my assistant... please note... i said my assistant! so he makes a pass at me.... when i ignored him, he tried again... when i responded coldly, he got earnest...when i gave him more work, he said "punishing with all this work wont chase nothing, me know what i'm feeling" ..... what is there to do?

and so Michael Jackson died.... just like that.... vast wealth, king of pop, more fame than 95% of the world and the medics couldnt help him.... he didnt have the luck of dying in his sleep.... a cardiac arrest and no one to help his pain.... this life is tough business.... what is there to do?

and so i'm house hunting... i have seen every bedsit and studio this side of London... i have walked and rode buses and trains... spent my weekend peeking into loos, peering into bathrooms and sitting on beds in strange houses... all over London... Walthamstow Central, Seven sisters, tottenham hale, blackhorse road, leyton, leytonstone, stratford.... pshew! what else is there to do?

Thursday, 11 June 2009

What is wrong

I have no idea!

I have been listening to strange songs and thinking all sorts...One minute I am listening to Halo by Beyonce, and next thing I am listening to Lily Allen and giggling!

I have had a really tiring week.... walking from one end of london to the other... as tube workers decided to go on strike! i walked for almost 2 hours one day! stood for about an hour! rode the bus for 4hours! i dont think i did anything on wednesday apart from trying to get from one point to the other! pshew

A few weeks ago, i was rushing to catch a train that comes only once in 15 minutes, i was running late for an appointment to show my collection/designs somewhere! i fell down on the last step on the staircase at the station and sprained my ankle.

I shamelessly burst into tears and the train driver got down... i delayed the train... a good samaritan turned my ankle (which had decided to go in an unknown direction) and in a fit of gratitude, i gave him my number when he asked!
stupid idiot girl! he has been calling and honestly i'm not friend hunting! or am i just ungrateful?

In the last few days, I have not been convinced that i am happy... I feel disgruntled! like something is wrong.... missing... lacking! what do i want again! i have everything i have been screaming for na! na wa oh!

Brothers and sisters please pray for this ungrateful child i am turning into oh!

Someone please tell sister tyger there is no grass on the other side! talkless of it being green!

I don talk