Monday, 18 October 2010

The Fashion Party to be at this Month

Having trouble with your wardrobe? Then you need to be at the next WASParty! The eco-friendly fashion event where women get to swap clothes they no longer need or wear with other women.

Date: 23rd October,
Time: 3p.m,
Venue: The Rock Tower, 49 Tufnell Park Road, N7 0PS London

Other attractions include a raffle draw with lots of gifts to be won.

Advanced Gate fee £7.50, Advanced VIP gate fee £20, At the door- £10

For more info and tickets go to or send an email to:

"Get Swapping!"

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A Change Maker in Lagos

A great guy with an insightful idea has started a program in Lagos called Mom's Connect.
Its quite an impressive programme that helps pregnant women and nursing mothers get healthcare information and questions answered by sending a text to a specified number.
What makes this idea amazing is that, pregnant women in villages and small towns (who all have phones, trust me) but dont always have access to a doctor who can answer their questions and dispel pregnancy myths, can through Mom's Connect get all the information they need!

Its a new project and in a conversation with the progenitor, he is still working out the kinks.

Read more about this Change Maker in Nigeria at

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

"Australia's Next Top Model" Host Makes Mistake in Announcing the Winner

This must have been a curl-your-toes-in-your-shoes, wish-you-were-somewhere-else moment for Sarah Murdoch, the host of "Australia's Next Top Model" when she mistakenly announced the runner up as the winner of the show on live television.

Let me set the stage - there is Kelsey Martinovich in a black and cream shimmering lace gown and Amanda Ware in a power red floor length asymmetric monostrap gown holding hands, waiting for Sarah Murdoch in her black mono-shouder gown to annouce who had won Australia's Next Top Model.

Then Sarah made the ghastly mistake and announced the runner up Kelsey Martinovich as the audience-voted top Model. Kelsey in her one minute of fame, gave her victory speech in an excited joy filled voice and then Sarah went pale. She pressed her finger to her right ear and muttered "Oh my God, I dont know what to say right now, I'm feeling a bit sick about this. No. I'm so sorry about this. Oh my God. I don't know what to say. This was a complete accident. It's Amanda, I'm so sorry. It was fed to me wrong."

In reality, Amanda Ware was... is the winner of Australia's Next Top Model!

It appears Kelsey was initially ahead of Amanda in the votes and this was the information fed to Sarah's earpiece; so when Amanda caught up and won in the votes, the information was not forwarded to Sarah.

The organisers of the show have since compensated Kelsey with a $25,000 cash reward and a trip to New York.

My heart goes out to Kelsey who's victory was only a moment long and to Sarah Murdoch who although handled the situation with poise and professionalism must still have been so embarrassed.

I bet my last penny, someone or a group of people somewhere got fired for this gauffe... sorry muchos.... you should have known better

Monday, 20 September 2010

TheFashionPatrollers - A blog to follow

This post is to invite you all to follow the fashion blog - thefashionpatrollers.

The most recent post is one the girls are going to love! so do check it out
TheFashionPatrollers: 10 Affordable Going out gowns for You!

Have a lovely week people!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

6 months

I cant believe I have been gone for 6 months.... a 6 months hiatus... back, married and living in marital bliss.... perhaps a few pictures for you guys... of the gown that spoke to me... of my engagement.... after 6 months away, you guys sure deserve to see some pictures...sorry no face shots!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

I'll just hold on a bit

I think I'll hold on to my passport a bit.... just to see the unfolding of this drama that brings sudden hope...

somebody has filled out a "liver rejuvenating form".....

firstly he forms a presidential advisory panel - to draw the "king makers close to himself" then he dissolves the "council of thieves" without prior notice!.... he voids the oil bidding that was meant to give out oil blocks to deserving sons of the shoil and approved contracts for 9 skills acquisition centers in the Niger Delta! .... and then he tops it by throwing that bone at the masses " our votes will count in 2011!" super stuff!

hmmm..... perhaps somebody is not such a pussy after all... Thuraya must be shitting bricks!

I need to stick around and watch this drama unfold... awesome stuff! it reads like a novel by Jeffery Archer.... exciting and saccharine sweet in parts! lol

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Setting my passport on fire!

So our President is back... half dead... and our Vice President either has a hidden agenda that is going to shock us all, win him sudden respect and stabilise the country or he's a complete pussy and just another thief...

The Jos crisis is back again.... and frankly I am shocked, saddened and left with a strong desire to burn my passport and become stateless - that is an individual without a nationality.... cos i no longer get the point... forgive me if i sound unpatriotic...

Some people actually think Babangida is the next best thing...their argument being that he has ruled Nigeria before, has experience and is promising to do better... just for thinking such thoughts i think you should be jailed...your memory is disgustingly short and perpetual slavery of your country men appeals to you.... seriously cant we have someone new? as new as Fashola of Lagos was new and is not doing badly? as new as Gbenga Daniel used to be new and did some good before it all went to his head? as new as someone who has not been President before and is not a member of or an offspring of the existing northern or southern cabal....

what is going on with Mutallab and his secret trial? has he been tried and found guilty? is somebody now ready to confess the boy carried a banger or are we still going with the bomb story...if we are going with the bomb story, can we have an open court trial? what does our Presidency (half dead/pussy) have to say on this issue or is it now buried under the carpet while we deal with more important issues like sharing oil licences and blocks?

yeah our now sick President was in the process of giving out some new oil blocks and oil production licenses to some deserving governors and sons of the "shoil"!... is this what he meant by "due process" when he was been sworn in?

Seriously I tire! what is the worst case scenario if i burn my passport?

Friday, 12 February 2010

This Mobile Phone Business

Whoever decided the etiquette rules for the use of mobile phones must be a sad, lonely and sadistic son of a bitch! – forgive my French.

So you have a mobile phone and suddenly there is this long list of rules you are supposed to operate your phone by or else you come across as rude, irresponsible, uncaring, insensitive, stingy, nonchalant… the list is endless…. Take this

1. If you see my missed call, you must call me back in 24 hours, 48 hours the latest otherwise I have the right to call you and ask the stupid question “didn’t you see my missed call?”
2. If I send you a text you are supposed to reply…. within 5 minutes… or 10… latest a few hours otherwise – I can call you to say “didn’t you get my text?”
3. by the way, its not a letter I put in the post, it’s a text to your phone and you cant pretend you didn’t get it, you might not know it but I stuck it with a delivery notice… and will happily tell you “but I got a delivery message na” …. I might insist I’m not a stalker… but you know I’m good at this stuff!
4. If I leave you a voicemail…. This is even worse… you are supposed to listen and then either follow the instructions in my voice mail or call me back to say you got my voicemail! Of course you got my voice mail but I still want to hear you say it…. Otherwise I can call you back to say “didn’t you get my voicemail? Yeah you are getting the hang of this already!
5. If I call you once or twice and you don’t pick your phone because you are busy, indisposed, in a train or simply up to more interesting things, I have the right to keep calling…. To keep calling till you have 11 missed calls from me, till I run down your battery…. Till I have irritated the hell out of you….and if you do eventually pick my call or call back – I can self righteously say “I have been trying to reach you now! I called you 11 times!” somebody should say “so?” or “were you dying at the time?” but if you do say that, mobile phone etiquette gives me the right to be very upset, angry and to call you one of those things I have listed above….and then tell everybody about it. This is getting really rich isn’t it?
6. Another one, if I meet you and you are polite, slightly friendly, I can ask for your number, if I do ask for your number, you have to give me! You have already made the mistake of being friendly. Etiquette says so! You can’t say you don’t have a phone, cos I already saw it, someone like me already called you 11 times! And God help you if you say “you don’t want to give me your number!” you have broken the rule and I can view you as stuck up, silly, full of s..t, nasty, unfriendly, outrightly rude…. Name it…. Its my prerogative…. Since you chose to break the rules
7. and now that I have your number, I can call you, text you, voicemail you…. Anything… and you have to apply rules 1 to 5…..seriously! I own you! My mobile phone ensures I relate with you on my terms not yours, at my convenience not yours… I am abusing you, taking advantage of you and there is not much you can do about it….. If you throw away your phone or switch it off for a few days, I and everybody else like me will panic and do worse things like bombard you with emails, facebook messages, twitter messages, hi5 and yes the new one –buzz! We might even call your family just to check if you are fine and if we are family, we will call each other, just to check if anybody has heard from this phone loosing, phone switching off weirdo.
8. Don’t even try to sneak online and offline….cos we will see you and say hello! And you must answer!