Sunday, 16 December 2007

My wish list

I saw a wish list on Unnaked's spot and i'm making one too!

I wish that my brother would get that amazing job; he is searching so hard, i'm worrying so much...

that dodo will go where he wants to go and love it while he's there...

I wish to make someone deliriously happy, make that someone laugh, smile, sleep and wake up with a smile, a spring in step, a twinkle in the eyes...

i wish that someone will try to make me feel deliriously happy and loved

that love would find me and not take me into a dark alley this time... but into a sunny warm room.

I wish that i would finish my program with amazing grades,finish my many scribblings and push them into the light of day... and then say 'there! i've gone and done it now!'

I wish i could master the languages i'm struggling with and stop saying gracie when i want to say arriverderci!

I wish i would make new friends like the ones i've had before

I wish the naira would gain more value and and our leaders more conscience

I wish they would stop fighting in the middle east - and just give the rest of us a break!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

First comer rights!

I've been foolish for so long...
cos i've had you right under my nose... but now i know....
that's its been you all this while....
so I hope your girlfriend breaks up with you, then i can have you .... back!

I met you first, twenty years ago... i should have first comer rights ... some form of priority...

Why you staying with her? she doesn't like your playstation and cant cook your favourite meal...
she thinks 'Die hard' is a dumb movie and wont sing along to Micheal Jackson's 'Beat it'

I hope the breaks up with you... then we can go back to us.
Remember that we agreed, that if we were single when one of us clocks 30 we would get married?
Oh you dont remember?.... forgot to tell you about that agreement i think... it was a silent one... a gentleman's agreement mind you, still as binding as any!

So you have a few more months to that and i hope you are single by then...

What is wrong with you anyway?
She's always screaming at you....

What is wrong with you na?
Cant you see through her?

She doesn't even like your mama and thinks you are childish to like ludo!

I'm your first kiss, even if it was slobbery and inside a wardrobe!
You told me everything... and I did too...

Don't you want to be with someone who knows you?
and accepts you exactly like you are?
your own niggy... since forever?

What is wrong with you man?
You refuse to use your eyes!

What is wrong with you dude?
Cant you see i care?

Have cared forever?
and all this pimping is for you?

Pshew! Life's a b...tch!