Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Swap Queens Are Making It Happen

Hello people,

Doing great? having fun? making the money?

Not hanging around for long today... just passing by and letting you know that its happening over at the FabXchange website.

These ladies have made their swapping events available online! Now you dont know to leave your home to declutter your wardrobe or get a new dress for an upcoming event. This is a fashionista's dream come true.

Just pop over to the FabXchange website and swap the stuff you dont want for something you do want and love... and even if you dont have anything to swap, they let you ask for stuff! *dont be greedy now... 

The FabXchange Online Swap is new but I'm already excited cos I'm sure its going to be totally fabulous.

Okay ladies... I'm off to declutter my wardrobe!