Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Cynical Rant

These days I think a fake “holiness” abounds around me and people are just taking it too far... infact they are taking the mickey!

I used to be a very cynical person, not a pessimist mind you; just cynical... just not that trusting and somewhat “brutally” honest. I was considered a bit too cynical for my age by a lot of people but I worked on it and got better; between 2008 and 2010 I was sure I had it right... but now I think I have lost it again.

The very cynical thing inside me is awake and very angry at all the piss taking...  and just to tell you how cynical I am...

I don’t believe a lot of the things people tell me
I don’t trust 50% of the people I know
I an indifferent to 90% of them
I think you are worse than you make out and so will make allowances for you accordingly
I am fine believing you like me less than you act or think, you are not obliged to
I am not optimistic about most things
Overly cheerfulness pisses me off and
Overly ‘religiousness’ pisses me off even more
God is not on twitter, so I don’t appreciate twitter worship...infact I hate it
If you send me a “devotional” in my inbox – that, I appreciate and get, you want to minister to me
If you tweet your worship - I think you are silly!
If you tweet a word of encouragement to Christians or you put it up on facebook - that I also get, you are encouraging your brethren
If you tweet things like - God doesn’t need your Toyota to make you total - I hate you! cos that shit you wrote is not even biblical, its rhyming and it’s a creation of PR chasing Pentecostal pastors
As a rule - I distrust all Pentecostal Pastors.
If you are a pastor who has never served in a village or worked on a mission field - YINMU at you! Please don’t talk to me; you are here for the money!

I don’t think you should read your bible at work! No I don’t and if I am your boss and you do it, I will get you fired! You are not the only one with convictions here!

I rant at God sometimes, and sometimes I whisper to Him...I cajole him...I ask rhetorical questions...then I wonder at him...then I check on him... I knock and say “are you still there?”
Sometimes I am accusing - I know you are there; your silence doesn’t even fool me... This is all between me and God... so don’t preach at me about what I choose to discuss with Him...

I am very cynical now and you might want to take note when you send out those funny messages or you say those funny things to me....don’t take offense cos I don’t believe you or shout Amen.


Anonymous said...


aloted said...
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aloted said...

rethots why are u smiling everywhere.. u came to smile on my blog too.. ehn. oya say something.

tyger, tyger, tyger- oya take lollipop and calm gbo?

to each his own o jare..

Myne Whitman said...

I'm an optimist but I get you on PR pastors and their sound bytes, lol...

HoneyDame said...

Lol....I completely understand you on the in almost too completely sef. I made casual mention of it here

lmao@ aloted's comment

Tyger said...

smiles back

you are not serious oh

I'm learning to be an optimist! just learning...

thanks for dropping by

depuy hip recall lawsuit said...

Wow, that is sheer honesty. Love it!

Tyger said...


thanks for loving it and for dropping by