Monday, 6 June 2011

Some things that make my colleague angry

A colleague of mine made a list of things that really make him angry and I found the list rather interesting... so I am putting it up for folks who still come here once in a while to read and find amusing like I found it amusing.. the ones in red annoy him the most!

  • Virgin broadband - They wont let him download several terabytes a month
  • His landlord - He wont unblock his drain
  • Honey roast ham from Marks and Spencers - Its not as good as tescos, and he should be able to try before he buys
  • Banks and monetary system
  • Pension schemes -"I shouldn't have to think about this at my age"
  • People that dont work and making money from interest - Ie rich landlords
  • People that dont know the difference between a set and a list
  • The air conditioning vents behind him - they are too cold, and he will catch something.
  • PES2011 - "Why did they mess up this game"
  • Capitalism (sort of covered by Banks and Monetary System && rich landlords but still needs saying)
  • People that should be destroyed (can't really go further than this)
  • Anyone announcing Franks sandwich apart from Frank
  • The bat, the table tennis ball and the table tennis table
  • Dinosaurs & reptiles -"They are for losers"
  • Pint Glasses from the kitchen - "Why do they smell of egg?"
  • Intellectual property - "Just because you have an idea, implement and patent/copyright it, does not make it yours"
  • Social Housing - "Why doesnt the government provide cheap housing that will be yours if you live in it for 30 years (Non profit housing)
  • Government Spending - "Why does the government spend money on wars in Afghanistan when they can't do social housing. Turkey is a poor 3rd world country and it has better housing than UK"
  • Recycling - "It's for losers. Why recycle - so human race can f**k planet earth a little longer"

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ManCee said...


Dude is just crazy I tellya.
He wants communism or he wants to run for a public office?
Or he's just content being a 'bitch'er

And WHAT is he downloading?!!!! Does he get to work at all and how many ext drives has he got?!!!